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Fragrance Notes: Brazilian Orange, Tahitian Vanilla, Tonka Bean


Want to turn your home into a tropical paradise?


Trapp's Fragrance Mist offers the perfect solution for filling your home with delightful scents without worrying about an open flame. And with our unique ability to mix fragrances, you can create a custom scent that will transport you straight to the beaches of Tahiti.


Our Brazilian orange and Tahitian vanilla combination is simply irresistible, but it's the addition of tonka bean that takes this fragrance to new heights. The fine mist ensures your home stays wonderfully scented time after time.


Don't wait any longer! Purchase our Magnolia Boutique Arcadia Fragrance Melts today and elevate your senses with every inhale. Mix and match different fragrances for even more options! Your dream vacation awaits in the comfort of your own home.

Trapp No 04 Orange Vanilla 3.4oz Fragrance Mist

SKU: 017500726040
  • Brazilian Orange, Tahitian Vanilla, Tonka Bean

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